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Ever Feel Like Your Favorite Hitmakers Possess Some Secret Knowledge or Unfair Advantage to Consistently Craft Viral, Streaming Hits and Amazing Songs?

After tirelessly working on your own songs, do you wonder why you haven't landed that breakthrough multimillion-streaming (or billion-streaming) hit yet?

Well, after spending 30 years working alongside the biggest names in the business, I have a surprising answer:

There are indeed insider secrets behind the biggest hitmakers!

I know because I've worked with hundreds of them.

My First Real Champion in the Industry

"Benjamin was my first real champion in the music industry. He believed in me before I even knew if I believed in myself, and I owe a lot of my success to his knowledge and confidence."

– Jake Torrey

Songwriter for Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Charlie Puth ("Light Switch"), Kygo ("Lose Somebody"), John Legend, Lauv, BTS, and more.

Presenting the "Best Of" Course Sample Pack

Dive into an exclusive compilation of my most impactful songwriting strategies and downloadable tools at a "sample" price. Curated from decades of music industry experience, this elite collection provides you with top-rated video modules, insights and techniques, empowering you to master the art of hit songwriting.

Having signed and worked with over 100 hitmakers – from those at the majors to Kobalt, where I started the first U.S. office, to my own venture, Brill Building Music Publishing – I've spent decades cracking the code on what I would call the secret DNA of hit songwriting. This sample pack distills that hard-earned wisdom into a compact, high-impact format perfect for ambitious songwriters, giving you the jet fuel to accelerate your path.

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside this exclusive sample pack...

Module 1: The Billion Streaming Song Module

Discover the core ingredients found in many of the biggest, most viral hit songs that have accumulated billions of streams across platforms. This module breaks down the essential elements that propel a song from good to great, to global phenomenon smash status.

It's not a mistake that the exact same rarely discussed elements come up again and again in these songs. Get ready for mind-blowing epiphany after epiphany.

Note: The contents of this module will change your entire approach to songwriting AND how you experience songs in general. This is your first "red pill" of the course!

1 Video:

The Billion Streaming Song Module (56:30)

2 Downloadable Resources:

Billion Streaming Songs – Modeling (Spreadsheet)

Billion Streaming Songs – Checklist (PDF)

Module 2: The #1 Hit Song Element – Melodic Rhythm

This is the granddaddy of my core philosophy on what makes hit songs just "tick." It's all about an elusive and rarely discussed concept: Melodic rhythm. This is so crucial, in fact, that I refer to melodic rhythm as the "god particle" of hit songwriting.

This module delves deep to present in full detail this make-or-break force in hit songs, analyzing hit after hit and showcasing how to leverage this #1 songwriting strategy in your new tool kit.

Note: A great hook is not a great melody. It's a great melodic rhythm, first!

Warning: This is another "red pill" section of the course. From what I've heard from other students, you simply won't be able to hear music or approach writing the same way again after reviewing these modules and the associated PDFs and homework.

5 Videos:

Melodic Rhythm 101 – The Strange Tale of the Train Whistle (08:03)

Melodic Rhythm – Human Operating Software 1.0 (AKA Hits Are War Chants or Fertility Dances) (05:21)

Melodic Rhythm – The God Particle of Hit Songwriting (Organizing Your Ideas with Melodic Rhythm) (03:41)

Examples of Great Melodic Rhythms (11:16)

Homework Video: Melodic Rhythm (02:35)

2 Downloadable Resources:

Homework: Melodic Rhythm (PDF)

Writing Assignment: Melodic Rhythm (PDF)

Module 3: State of the Industry + Solutions

In this forward-looking module, you'll gain valuable insights into where the music industry is right now, where it's headed, and what current trends are driving success for today's hitmakers.

In this module, I unpack the silent crisis that's currently unfolding for all songwriters and artists. This nearly 1.5-hour module also goes into the concept of how a 10% additional effort on your part may create 100X returns. This is no joke! This module also unpacks why RIGHT NOW is the best time ever for songwriters and artists, delivering three solutions you can put to use TODAY to ensure you can take your game to the next level and beyond.

You must watch this video as soon as possible to ensure you don't get left behind! Grab hold of this uncommon look at the State of the Industry because you need the unfair advantage.

1 Video:

State of the Industry + Solutions (01:22:30)

Module 4: Songwriting Vocabulary Expander

How do the best become the best? They study! They stand on the shoulders of giants! This is crucial and key to your success if you want to become a consistent hitmaker or an important artist with a long career of great songs.

Learn how to stand out from the pack by expanding your artistic vocabulary and ability to craft a unique sonic identity. This module provides hacks and techniques to separate yourself as an original trendsetter, rather than just following what's working now.

In other words, would you like a songwriting lesson right now with Max Martin, Carole King, Drake, Stevie Wonder, FINNEAS, Missy Elliot, or Taylor Swift? You can!

Learn how to incorporate their song DNA, their moves, and their essence into your own songwriting vocabulary, right now! This module is also essential for anyone who feels they might be plateauing. Simply put, without increasing your songwriting vocabulary, you're just orbiting around your own limited vocabulary of chords, lyric ideas, production, and melody.

Instead, level up by "downloading" the greats into your personal songwriting vocabulary. This module is vital for anyone looking to reach the next level.

1 Video:

Songwriting Vocabulary Expander (10:49)

2 Downloadable Resources:

Songwriting Vocabulary Expander (PDF)

Songwriting Vocabulary Expander Example (PDF)

And if That Wasn't Enough...I Also Offer a Risk-Free 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When you're pursuing a career as a songwriter, you naturally place your faith in other people: Music college, podcasts, books, endless YouTube tutorials, and more. The problem is that these sources often provide what I consider "common knowledge."

The level of professional coaching and insight you'll find in this exclusive course is the opposite of common knowledge. It's rare, tried, tested, and qualified expertise that isn't available anywhere else. This is because I've either developed these methods on my own or learned these epiphanies from the hundreds of hitmakers I've worked with. I guarantee it.

So if you aren't on the way to improving your hit songwriting skills after 15 days, I'll refund you in full. Plus, you can keep any of the downloadable resources, homework, and exercises, along with a complimentary copy of my nearly 5-star rated #1 Amazon new release book, "How Do I Get a Record Deal? Sign Yourself!"

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Sounds Great! But Why Should You Listen to Me About the Secrets of Hit Songwriting?

Hi, I'm Benjamin Groff. For the past 30 years, I've signed, worked with, and developed some of the biggest Grammy-winning, chart-topping writers and producers, such as Ryan Tedder, Greg Kurstin, Savan Kotecha, Cirkut, Jake Torrey, Lindy Robbins, Ariel Rechtshaid, and more.

My artist roster is also up there, having signed The Lumineers, Grimes, LMFAO, Kelly Clarkson, Big Freedia, Caroline Polachek, SOPHIE, OneRepublic, Tiësto, TOKiMONSTA, Kid Cudi, and Peaches, among others. I've even worked closely with top hit writers and Songwriters Hall of Fame members like Sia, Rick Nowels, Billy Steinberg, Steve Kipner, and Guy Chambers as their former publisher.

I'm sharing this not to boast, but to demonstrate my firsthand experience in learning the real "hit song matrix" from the best hitmakers. I've deconstructed their success into learnable techniques, which I've synthesized into an educational adventure.

As a music publishing veteran of over 30 years and a charting songwriter myself, I've created a first-of-its-kind course to finally reveal the "behind-the-door" secrets of hit songwriting for career success.

Simply put, my mission is to help you achieve success in a shorter time span. These insights are the same tools I unpack for my current clients on my roster – ideally accelerating their career growth by 3-5 years

And yes, you can accomplish the impossible! I know because I've done it myself when people told me it couldn't be done.

On that note, I look forward to helping you achieve that and more.

See you on the charts,

Benjamin Groff

Accelerate Your Songwriting Mastery With This First FREE Bonus

As a special first bonus for "Best Of" Course Sample Pack students, you'll get complete access to the premium training module "How To Analyze and Model Great Songs" from "The Hit Songwriter Accelerator." This comprehensive video training pulls back the curtain to reveal the creative brilliance behind iconic billion-streaming hits.

Through a detailed multi-step process, you'll fully deconstruct these massive hits by analyzing every component that fueled their success: Melodic rhythms, advanced chord work, lyrical artistry, production tricks, and more. No element is overlooked in dissecting the "secret sauce" that transformed these songs into viral sensations.

But you won't just study these hits – you'll also model and create your own "hit blueprints" from your favorite artists and writers, infusing their proven hit-making techniques into YOUR songs!

Imagine absorbing the genius-level tools from a legendary hit, one song at a time, then immediately practicing those discoveries and applying them to your own writing sessions.

Make no mistake – this is how the greats become GREATS!

Ask Yourself, Is Your Big Dream Feeling More Like a Nightmare for Any of the Following Reasons?

Do you find yourself jealous wondering how other songwriters seem to effortlessly write hit after hit? And it feels like everyone knows an "insider secret" except you that results in chart-topping, viral, attention-grabbing tracks…

Are you sick of writing and releasing songs that end up going nowhere? And it's beyond frustrating seeing songs that aren't as good as yours go viral on Spotify, Apple Music, or TikTok…

Does your present reality and life make you feel like your dreams are out of reach? And you can only keep hustling and grinding without success for so long before you'll be forced to give up…

Are your songs consistently passed over, rejected, and ignored by artists and labels? And your dream of co-writing hits looks further away than ever no matter how hard you work…

Do you feel insecure, uncertain, and filled with self-doubt when sharing your music? And there's a voice in your head, getting louder by the day, asking if you're good enough…

Do you wish someone could show you the proven path to writing hit songs? And the challenge of trying to figure everything yourself is one that feels impossible to overcome at times…

If you've answered "YES" to any of the above, or you have a burning desire to become a better songwriter or artist, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

This Program Is Specifically Designed for Songwriters at Every Stage of Their Career

Professional Songwriters ✓

Top Liners ✓

Artists at All Levels ✓

College Students ✓

Producers ✓

Passionate Hobbyists ✓

Ready to Unlock Elite Songwriting Secrets at a Stellar Value?

You've got the passion, creativity, and drive to make it as a songwriter or artist.

What you're missing is the insider guidance to elevate your skills from aspiring to elite.

This "Best Of" Course Sample Pack finally gives you a grasp on the tightly-held songwriting techniques used by your favorite hitmakers.

Are you ready to discover what you're truly capable of?

The "Best Of" Course Sample Pack

9 Premium Video Modules. 7 Downloadable Resources. Over 3 Hours of Exclusive Content.

Deconstructing Billion-Streaming Hits: $1,000 Value

Mastering Melodic Rhythm: $2,500 Value

State of the Industry Insights: $1,000 Value

Expanding Your Songwriting Vocabulary: $1,000 Value

Total Value = $5,500* (*PRICELESS, if you put it to the right use.)

You Pay = $47

*Exclusive and limited offer.

This is a limited-time offer to get my most powerful and insightful lessons at a "student-friendly" price. Don't miss this opportunity to gain unfair advantages used by the world's most successful songwriters and artists.

BONUS: With your purchase, you'll also receive discounted access to my full courses, "Insider Secrets To Hit Songwriting" ($97, down from $197) and "The Hit Songwriter Accelerator" ($297, down from $397).

Level Up Your Career With This Second FREE Bonus

As a second extra gift, all students of the "Best Of" Course Sample Pack will receive a complimentary copy of my nearly 5-star rated, #1 Amazon new release book, "How Do I Get a Record Deal? Sign Yourself!"

This powerful resource is your guide to forgetting the soul-crushing effort of pitching to record labels who don't care until you have massive metrics. Instead, you'll learn an updated approach to organically grow your fan base, achieve your first 1 million streams, and deliver the "exponential metrics" that finally get labels' attention.

Most importantly, the book shows, in step-by-step detail, how to acquire your first TRUE 1,000 fans and how to create a full-time living with your true passion – making music!

The music industry has changed in a way that hugely favors artists taking control of their own success. With the book's insights combined with the elite songwriting techniques in this course, you'll have an invaluable two-pronged attack plan for leveling up your career.

Unlock both the creativity and career strategy to sign yourself to success! And now would be a good time to start!

"Benjamin is a well-known in the writer-producer community."

"Benjamin is a well-known in the writer-producer community and has been securing some of the biggest cuts in the world."

– Willard Ahdritz

Chairman and Founder,

Kobalt Music Publishing.

"Nurturing some of the biggest hit writers in the world."

"Benjamin has a proven track record and knack of discovering and nurturing some of the biggest hit writers in the world."

– Amanda Samii

A&R, Capitol Records and former Senior VP Creative, Kobalt Music Publishing.

And if That Wasn't Enough...I Also Offer a Risk-Free 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Signings I'm Immensely Proud Of

For expert songwriting coaching, visit

You're at a Fork in the Road. Your Career (And Life) Depends on the Path You Choose...Right Now

Option 1

Keep putting in all the right effort in all the wrong places with little results

Write and release songs that don't attract a raving audience, don't blow up on streaming platforms, don't get recorded by other artists, and don't help you transition to the life you dream of.

Option 2

Unlock your full potential and shortcut your path to success by 3-5 years (or more)

Learn the proven (and repeatable) strategies that take hit songwriting from a mystery to a formula that works repeatedly, unlocking the DNA of hit songwriting. You finally feel like your authentic self and move toward a music career!

As an artist or songwriter, your dream of landing on the Billboard charts, sitting down with record labels, making a full-time living doing music, or simply being respected for your craft, all comes down to the life choices you make.

And now is that time to take the leap. If you're serious about achieving your goals in the music industry, I'll show you exactly how to do it.

I hope to see you at the course, as well on the charts and playlists.

P.S. Take the red pill.

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